The company

About HTG

Milestones in the
history of the company

  • 2004: Founding of HÜBNER Transportation GmbH and start of production of ramps and lifts.
  • 2005: Expansion of product range with the EXEO lift Market launch of HK Light & IL Compact.
  • 2009: Market launch of EXEO II.
  • 2011: Market launch of the electric ramp SKADI®.
  • 2012: Market launch of EXEO III.
  • 2013: Market launch of the electric ramp IL Standard II.
  • 2016: Development of the inclined lift.
  • 2017: Development of EXEO light.
  • 2018: Market launch of the double ramp.
  • 2019: Market launch of EXEO 400,
    Market launch of EXEO II.
  • 2020: Production of manual ramps and lifts started in Turkey,
    Market launch of the Flip Ramp for the US market.
  • 2021: Market launch of EXEO 450.